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Inheriting European classics, from Hong Kong's Zhongshan Flange Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. - Flange King, in line with the concept of combining traditional culture and modern fashion, a professional design team composed of many top designers from Europe and Hong Kong, professional R & D, rigorous and scientific production, design and manufacture of stainless steel shower products with simple style, exquisite style, functional and convenient, artistic and aesthetic, and very popular. The products sell well all over the world.

The excellent workmanship and excellent material selection of the factory is the consistent production concept of Zhongshan Flange Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. From the selection of explosion-proof safety tempered glass, quality hardware, to the processing and assembly of finished products, they are manufactured under the control of international strict quality standards. All products undergo tests such as impact test, water leakage test and sliding wear test, and their safety, water resistance and fluency are among the best in the industry.

Zhongshan Flange Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. - Flange King always stands at the forefront of the industry technology and leads the development of the entire shower room industry. As a superb brand of domestic explosion-proof safety shower room, Zhongshan Flange Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. - Flange King is committed to the promotion and application of the explosion-proof safety film of domestic shower room, creating a new era of safety in China's shower room. Now, Zhongshan Flange Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. - Flange King has put the advanced shower room nano-easy cleaning technology into the domestic market, surpassing the previous ordinary shower room easy cleaning technology.

As an advocate of comfortable and safe shower room, Zhongshan Flange Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. - Flange King is committed to providing quality, fashion, comfort and practical bathroom space solutions for domestic and foreign users, and with a forward-looking vision and internationalization. Vision, challenge the future, and promote the development of human shower culture.



Brand story

In the 16th century, the European royal family had higher requirements for personal hygiene, and the bath began to appear in the elegant royal garden;

In the 18th century, the European Ravenscroft invented a more transparent aluminum glass, and the glass production industry flourished in Europe.

The first patent for glass tempering was obtained by the French in 1874. When the glass was heated to near the softening temperature, it was immediately placed in a relatively low temperature liquid tank to increase the surface stress.

In the 1930s, Saint-Gobain of France and Tripolix of the United States began to produce large-area flat tempered glass for the use of automobiles for windshield. From this world, the era of large-scale production of tempered glass began.

In 1932, the German Philippe was awkward and hated the damp bathroom. One day, he fixed a piece of glass, and the other piece could be opened like a door. At that moment, the world's first open-door shower room was born.


In 1935, Philip mentioned his new gadget when chatting with his friend Yannick. Yannick, who is engaged in business investment, thinks this is a good new product. So they started the market research. At the end of the year, they established the puke company, which specializes in the production of showers, and launched the "FORLAN" brand.

In 1955, the "FORLAN" brand established a company in France, Spain and other countries, and began the process of internationalization.

In 2003, Hong Kong Flange International Group Holdings Co., Ltd. started production in the shower room factory in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, and its products are mainly supplied to European and American markets.

In 2008, the “FORLAN” brand began to set foot in the domestic upper-end stall shower room market, specializing in customizing domestic non-standard shower rooms.

By 2013, the Flange King brand has established more than 500 sales channels throughout the country. In the future, with the international design concept and marketing concept, the flange will become the quality of the shower room industry.