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Since September 1st, 2014, François King has been the first in the industry to launch the “Drinking Room Glass”, “One Time Consumption, One Life Guarantee”, indicating the “customer-centric” service of the company. The purpose and spirit, to bring customers a sense of honor, make it value for money, and thus win the word-of-mouth and repeated purchases of consumers, so that the "Flange King" brand is truly deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!


FORLAN will provide "shower glass, unbreakable, lifetime warranty service" for consumers to purchase shower room products.


One-time consumption


1. The original glass of CSG is used. Compared with other shower rooms on the market, it has the advantage of original glass.

2. It adopts the industry's leading float tempering process to greatly reduce the self-explosion rate.

3. Each glass of Flange King is produced through a special process----standard safety angle, which improves safety by 35%.

4. The Flange King Shower Room has the most advanced glass explosion-proof membrane technology in the country, making the shower room glass 100% safe.

5. In case of any problems (transport, installation, man-made, self-explosion, etc.), the glass is damaged, and the flange bath king shower room 

manufacturers are all free of charge.

The glass can be broken - the FORLAN brand is not broken!


Service commitment
*Committed to provide a professional shower room overall solution

FORLAN's designers will provide professional design solutions tailored to the layout 

of the customer's bathroom.

*Committed to arrange professional home improvement engineers 

to install

FORLAN guarantees the complete use of its own professional home 

improvement engineers to debug and install for customers

*Commitment to provide free home design drawing services

FORLAN designers will come to the door for free and provide professional design 

drawings for different bathroom layouts.

*Commitment to provide free home delivery and installation 

services in the city

National stores provide free home delivery and installation 

services in the city

*Committed to the shower room overall product three-year warranty service

FORLAN overall enjoys three-year warranty in the case of three packs

*Committed to the shower room core hardware accessories five-year 

warranty service

FORLAN core hardware accessories are guaranteed for one year under 

the condition of three bags

*Committed to the installation of the shower room products on-site cleaning service

After the FORLAN professional installer installs the product, he is responsible for 

the on-site cleaning work.

*Committed to 48 hours after-sales service response mechanism

Provide comprehensive solutions and process within 48 hours of 

after-sales service

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Quality is standard, but it also requires later maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance are equally important for shower rooms. After enjoying a comfortable shower, pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, so that the overall shower room has a longer service life. There are three main aspects for maintenance of the shower room, cleaning and maintenance of tempered glass, cleaning and maintenance of aluminum alloy frames, and cleaning and maintenance of hardware accessories.

1. Cleaning and maintenance of tempered glass:

In order to avoid scratching the glass, it affects the visual beauty of the shower room. Generally, a soft dry cloth can be used for daily cleaning; if there is dirt, a mild neutral detergent can be used, and the stubborn dirt is cleaned with alcohol.

Do not hit or hit the glass surface with sharp objects to avoid damage;

Do not wipe the glass surface with a corrosive liquid of the water;

Do not wipe the glass surface with a rough material to avoid scratches.

2. Maintenance of aluminum alloy frame:

First, prevent direct sunlight and exposure; secondly, do not wipe with corrosive liquids or materials; third, do not wipe the surface with rough materials (including toothpaste); fourth, do not use sharp objects to describe the surface.

If there is stain on the surface of the aluminum, 

wipe it with a neutral wash and clean the water.

3. Maintenance of hardware accessories:

Push-pull shower door, generally adopts the treatment of pulley and track. During the use of the push-pull shower room, care should be taken to avoid striking the movable door to avoid causing the movable door to fall off.

Pay attention to regularly clean the track and add lubricant (lubricating oil or lubricating wax) to the pulley to ensure smooth sliding process in the shower room.


Installation and acceptance
Excellent / quality / service / service / insurance / navigation

First, FORLAN customers enjoy free measurement, free design, free installation and other quality services, making the cumbersome decoration simple, leaving the difficulties to yourself, leaving happiness to customers!

1, Expert Consultant: Designers and shopping guides should act as shower room experts, communicate the advantages and disadvantages of the design plan with the customer in detail, and help customers solve the problems encountered during the decoration.

2, free measurement: FORLAN dispatched professionally trained shower room designers will come to the door for free customer to measure the size and on-site inspection to ensure that the customer's products are suitable for the layout of the bathroom and customer satisfaction.

3, delivery service: all FORLAN customers, all enjoy home delivery service.

4, free installation: FORLAN provides free installation service, and ensure that the installer is a professionally trained professional to ensure the correct installation and use of FORLAN products (such as: to ensure that the glass is free to be twisted after installation and commissioning.) At the same time, it is promised that no installation fees or installation consumables will be charged during the installation process.

Second, the flange bath king system provides high-quality standardized after-sales service, just a customer call, can quickly solve the problem, so that customers are completely assured!

1, FORLAN strictly installs and services according to the time and content promised by customers.

2, the professional master for the customer to install and repair, to ensure that each customer enjoys the quality of service.

3, where FORLAN products, the overall free warranty for three years, lifetime maintenance.

4, For customer complaints, we will arrange the staff to visit the door within 48 hours and make a solution.

5, Any after-sales problem within the warranty period, FORLAN will handle it unconditionally and will not charge any fees.

6, After-sales problems with the warranty period, appropriate material fees, on-site service transportation fees and reasonable labor costs.