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Why should the shower room tempered glass be affixed with explosion-proof membrane?

Tempered glass has a self-detonation rate of “thousandths of a thousand”, which is a worldwide problem in the steel glass industry and is also allowed by international standards. The expansion of nickel sulfide inside the tempered glass is the main cause of the self-explosion of the tempered glass. When the nickel sulfide crystals change phase in the tempered glass, the volume expands, and the expansion of the nickel sulfide in the core tensile stress layer of the glass sheet is larger inside the tempered glass. Tension pressure, when the tension exceeds the limit that the glass itself can withstand, it will cause the tempered glass to blew. When tempered glass has a certain probability (within three thousandths), it will be broken when it is destroyed by self-explosion or strong impact, and there are certain safety hazards. Experts also advise consumers to avoid tempered glass self-explosion, to prevent glass self-explosion and to reduce the loss and damage is to put a layer of safety explosion-proof film on the glass, safety explosion-proof film adhered to the shower room tempered glass, the broken glass is bonded Remove from the original location until it is safely removed, thereby reducing possible human injury and reducing the damage caused by the explosion.

The application of glass film, the developed international penetration rate of Europe and the United States reached 80%, while the domestic industry is still emerging. Nowadays, the national security awareness is increasing, and the continuous demand for safety and explosion protection, tempered glass film will be widely developed and applied.

The flange bath king shower room uses high-quality PET film imported from South Korea, clear and transparent, working in the dust-free workshop, fine adhesion, no bubble, no fading, no film, anti-aging, high heat insulation, high light transmission, anti-proof Glare, low reflection, high temperature resistance 80 ° C; long service life, quality assurance for 10 years. Flange King's explosion-proof safety shower room can provide you with a protective barrier in the event of an unexpected emergency.

As a forging brand in the domestic explosion-proof safety shower room, the flange bath king shower room advocates safe and comfortable safe shower life, and takes the safety of users as its own responsibility. From fine hardware fittings, tempered glass to tempered glass film, the flange bath king shower room is always at the forefront of the industry technology, leading the development of the entire shower room industry.