Technical advantages


Power System


Refers to the operation guarantee system of the shower room activity door, which can be subdivided into the mobile door power system and the door opening power system. The sliding door power system takes the patented technology of the pulley as the core, realizes the pulley opening and closing test up to 300,000 times, and adopts the patented bottom rail. The automatic adjustment guide design and the four-track eight-wheel two-way motion structure ensure smooth and long-lasting smooth movement of the moving door; the door opening power system adopts the hinge automatic reset structure, and is equipped with anti-loose and anti-collision positioning protection device to ensure the opening of the shower room. Long lasting service life and safe product power.



Four-track eight-wheel drive two-way linkage structure

Four-track eight-wheel drive, ultra-smooth and quiet technology


Anti-turn-off technology

Creative anti-turn-off technology device, perfect for solving the U-turn phenomenon of the movable door


Original "V" design track

Reasonable structure, stable operation, quiet


Linkage power transmission structure

The two-way force, anti-sloshing hidden power transmission structure optimizes the power transmission system of the house to ensure the smooth and smooth movement of the movable door


Three-wheel structure never derails

Imported 304 stainless steel three pulleys, never derailing, breaking the tradition, the upper and lower wheels can be individually adjusted patented design