Technical advantages

Nano Easy Clean Technology




Automatic cleaning:

The contact angle of the water droplets with the surface of the glass reaches 102-109 degrees close to the spherical shape, and it quickly falls off under the action of gravity, and has super hydrophobicity. The stain is taken away by the water and the glass surface is automatically cleaned.



The world's leading SC super clean technology, using materials science and process engineering, makes the glass surface resistant to ultra-high temperature, low temperature, high water pressure and other characteristics, and the ultra-clean features last.


Super clean and super bright:

The protective layer formed on the surface of the glass prevents water, stains, and detergent from coming into direct contact with the glass surface and penetrating into the glass. Effectively maintains the long-lasting brightness of the glass.



Ultra-clean using high-tech environmentally friendly materials, does not contain any fluorine, green, non-toxic, does not cause any harm to the human body or the environment, green water saving.


Technology antibacterial:

The high-silicon mesh nano-lattice causes water, stains and germs to be adsorbed and parasitized on the surface, and the water can also carry away residual bacteria, thereby producing a self-cleaning antibacterial effect.


Nano Easy Clean Technology is a civilian product of military technology and has rapidly become a development trend in the shower room industry. It is characterized by non-contamination, easy cleaning, anti-yellowing, green environmental protection, etc. It solves the problem that the shower room is easy to get dirty and difficult. The problem of cleaning and turning the glass yellow.

In foreign countries, especially in developed countries in Europe and America, this nano-easy clean shower room has long been used. The core technology of Nano-Easy comes from Germany and is first used in military nuclear submarines. Flange King joined hands with international scientific research institutions to study the application of Nano Easy Clean Technology in the shower room. In 2011, the company introduced the Nano Easy Clean Shower Room, which surpassed the ordinary easy-to-clean shower room on the market, making the glass of the shower room easy. The cleanliness reaches a new height.

The flanged bath king shower room nano-easy cleaning technology reacts with the glass surface by chemical action, forming a good bonding layer which is water-repellent and anti-fouling on the glass surface, so that the glass has non-staining, anti-yellowing and easy The superior features of cleaning are therefore quickly gaining market and consumer recognition.