Technical advantages

High-quality materials


FORLAN pays attention to every detail of the production process, such as one, meticulous, depending on the quality of the company's life; from the selection and testing of raw materials, to the huge investment in the introduction of international production equipment-level assembly line; from ISO9001 international quality management system certification, to the world The international management standard “5S Management” is rooted in the enterprise; it strives to achieve excellence and excellence.



Strictly adopt the automobile-grade fully tempered safety glass that has passed the national 3C certification and the European BS6206 standard. It is underwritten by the insurance company. After breaking, the number of particles in the area of 5cmX5cm is 60-80 capsules, which is higher than the national standard (the national standard is 40 particles or more). . It is produced by the industry-leading float tempering process. Its tempering flatness is high, the glass surface is smooth, and the degree of unevenness is only 1% of ordinary tempered glass. It does not hang dirt, is easy to clean, and has no atomization on the surface.


Fine copper parts:

It adopts international standard brass, strong bearing capacity, full manual polishing, six-layer electroplating process, 24 precision machining; two-layer copper-based, two-layer nickel plating, two-layer chrome highlighting, and acid salt spray test 24 hours of testing (out of 8um national standard), no black spots, blistering, delamination and other undesirable phenomena.


Stainless steel parts:

It adopts 304 stainless steel, fully automatic multi-step polishing, mirror effect, corrosion resistance, anti-fatigue and strong bearing capacity. It has passed the acid salt spray test for 24 hours and reached the standard of l0 or above.



The use of aviation-grade high-quality profiles, aluminum materials are strictly required to use high-quality aluminum with a hardness of 13-14 degrees, the purity is as high as 98%, and three metal elements of magnesium, silicon and copper are added. The wall thickness of aluminum is 1.2-3.0. Mm, even some places reach 4-5mm, moderate tough and not brittle, not easy to deform. Its high tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness and other important indicators are superior to national standards and European standards, effectively ensuring the safety of use.



Independent research and development design, the use of stainless steel bearings, wheel base to match steel nylon, stainless steel, stable performance, long service life, superior corrosion resistance and bearing capacity, high temperature high quality nylon outer layer material. The original "V" design track has reasonable structure, good material, quiet, stable operation, high safety and long service life.


Rubber strip:

Ultra-transparent environmentally-friendly adhesive strip made of imported neutral PVC raw material special formula, good elasticity, can withstand 65 degrees high temperature, low temperature of minus 20 degrees, corrosion resistance, can maintain long time without discoloration and no yellowing.


Bottom basin:

Imported acrylic sheet and artificial stone powder, imported resin, formed by high temperature treatment, firm and stable, strong carrying capacity, good safety, easy to clean, easy and fast to install.