Technical advantages



FORLAN Each shower room must comply with the strict quality testing standards of the Flange King from the raw materials to the finished product.

① Tempered glass:

A. The length and width of the glass are allowed to be ±1.5mm, the thickness is allowed to be ±0.2mm, the edge of the glass is straight; the curved glass is anti-twist, and the gap at the intersection of diagonals is required to be >2mm; the pitch error is ±0.5mm, the aperture is Error ± 0.2mm;

B. The color of the same batch of glass is the same, and the surface must not have any spots or bubbles that affect the appearance;

C. Based on the visual acuity of 1.5cm, it is not obvious that the scratches, cracks, and gaps affect the appearance of the product within 50cm of the naked eye;

D. Glass strength test, the strength of tempered glass should be more than 3 times that of ordinary glass;

E. Sampling of glass fragments, the number of particles in the area of 5cm * 5cm is between 40 and 120;

② Aluminum profiles:

A. Oxide film thickness - the thickness of the bright profile film should be between 3um-5um, and the film thickness of the matt silver profile should be 6-9um;

B. Surface - flawless and priming phenomenon, should be neat and smooth, no cracks, peeling and other defects are allowed, sand holes are not allowed, white lines are not allowed, and the main decorative surface can not be scratched or scratched;

C. Deformation - the decorative surface is not allowed to have deformation or depression greater than 0.3mm depth; when the profile is horizontally placed, the gap cannot be ≥ 3mm; 

D. Impact resistance - can pass the impact test according to GB/T1723;

E. Corrosion resistance - the anodized surface or sprayed surface of the aluminum profile does not undergo significant corrosion changes after the salt spray test (acidity 48 hours);

③ Accessories:

A. The surface shall not have blistering, detachment, discoloration and rust on the surface, and the outer surface shall not be scratched with obvious and exposed bottom;

B. Raw edges and slag particles <0.2mm, so as not to affect the function and not to hurt people, shaving hands;

C. The inner and outer surfaces shall not have any detrimental phenomena such as debris or dust. Except for frictional moving parts, lubricating oil shall be added, and other surfaces shall not be contaminated with grease; 

D. Accurate assembly, no installation and reverse loading, good combination, no looseness and misalignment, no cracking of parts;

E. The function of the accessory meets the product design requirements: the hinge rotates flexibly, the opening angle is correct, the elasticity is good, the thread is smooth, the rotation is no abnormal sound, and the pulley rotation feels unimpeded...

F、The plating surface did not change significantly by the salt spray test (ABS plating was 48 hours in an acidic environment; copper chrome and stainless steel were 48 hours in an acidic environment).

④ Magnetic strips, strips:

A. No obvious scratches and touches are allowed, and there is no cracking;

B. Yellowing is not allowed, and the phenomenon of blushing is not allowed;

C. The angle is matched correctly, and the fitting effect is good;

D. The magnetic strip has an appropriate adsorption force and should be between 18-50 Newtons.

⑤ Bottom basin:

A. The appearance can not be obviously deformed, scratched, wave surface, tarnished, cracked, cracked, chipped, stripped, rusted, delaminated;

B. The thickness of the basin and skirt is 4mm±0.5mm, the water outlet is 5mm±0.5mm, and the length, width and height deviation should be ±5mm;

C. The structure of the feet, skirts and basins should be tight and there is no loosening; the feet must be parallel to the skirt and the adjustment range is ±10mm or more;

D. The accumulated water area should not be larger than 100mm diameter circle, and no more than 2 places on one surface, the total water accumulation should not exceed 250ml.

⑥ Shiji:

A. There must be no breaks, no obvious angular error, and no cornering and warping.

B. The decorative surface should be smooth and bright, without matt phenomenon, and delamination is not allowed;

C. The structure wafer has a uniform size and cannot be too thin or too dense;

D. The packaging is reasonable and safe to ensure that it is not easy to cause bruises and cracks.