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Join the FORLAN shower room

The company provides a full range of support for the sale of shower rooms, non-standard customization and technical installation, 

so that you can easily make big money!

Form of cooperation

Area requirement

Renovation requirements

Affiliate fee

Company support

Specialty store

50 square-150 square

Company unified image decoration

Free initial fee

1. Store decoration design

2. Advertising materials and 

promotional design

3. Store decoration subsidies

4. Sample full subsidy

5. Opening, operation and other 

training guidance

6. Promotional guidance support

7. Brand advertising support for 

national multi-network platform

8. Regional market protection

Specialty store

20 square-80 square

A decoration style that reflects the grade of the shower room




True / honest / combined / made / total / win

1, Have good business quality and business reputation, and are willing to cooperate for a long time.

2, with a certain business background and business experience, familiar with the local building materials market, 

understand the shower room industry

3, have a good distribution ability and product promotion and after-sales service platform

4, There are areas where decoration and building materials are concentrated, or commercial areas that are more suitable 

for shower room sales, with independent facades or independent counters.

5, equipped with the corresponding sales staff, installers

6, with a commitment to the shower room business, sales enthusiasm, focus on dedication, dedication, good customer awareness

7, Understand and trust the Frank King, and reach a consensus on business philosophy and development ideas.


FORLAN and you work together to create wealth


The development of the flange bath king is a high-end brand that is not custom-made in the shower room industry. The development strategy of the company is based on the high quality of the products and the excellent service of the team to establish the brand's reputation and determine the leading position of the Chinese shower room brand. The future vision of Français King is to create the most valuable and influential shower room brand in China and the world through the continuous efforts of the Flange King system.


The flange bath king features the best materials, the best craftsmanship, the most fashionable product design, and the most perfect shower room solution to win the favor of consumers.

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    The flange bath king shower room is based on the principle of “exquisite design, scientific production and service first”. It insists on scientific analysis and fine carving of each product from style design to material selection, parts and main structure.

  • Providing perfect products and services to consumers is our consistent pursuit.


The country has joined more than 600 cities