Merchants join


Maintenance and promotion of brand image

1, Store image: Provide a unified flange bath king VIS visual recognition system;

2, image consultant: provide senior brand image professional design consultants, for the franchisees on how to shape the brand image, to ensure that the brand image is advancing with the times, synchronized throughout the country;

3, store design: provide professional design and overall image of the store image, and fully assist the franchise store brand image positioning;

4, Management mode: Provide a full set of standardized brand image management mode;

5, advertising: provide the most cutting-edge market information, help plan the corresponding advertising, expand the influence of the brand of the Frank King brand in the local.


Support for site selection, design, decoration and construction

1. Assist the franchisees to conduct on-the-spot investigations on the provided stores, conduct professional research on the buildings themselves, the surrounding business districts and business divisions, and consumer groups, and evaluate the feasibility of their store operations;

2. According to the survey data, a feasibility report is issued, which includes data on surrounding environment analysis, passenger flow measurement, advertising effectiveness and turnover estimation;

3. To ensure the unified image of the brand, the design of the store will be completed by the professional design department of the headquarters, and provide complete design drawings;

4. The unified decoration plan is provided by the headquarters to ensure the unification and standardization of the decoration style. After completion, the headquarters shall carry out the decoration acceptance;

5. If the franchisee has the ability to renovate by itself, the headquarters can arrange the project manager to carry out engineering assistance and project acceptance according to the needs of the franchisee.

Personnel training system

A well-trained employee image and an efficient and professional sales system require systematic training. Flange King has a strong team that specializes in supporting the Franciscan King franchisees. From the opening of the store to the training to the later support management, the full-time staff who are responsible and familiar with the business are responsible for the showers. After the training of the head office, the people in the house understand the operation, constantly change the old business model and ideas, find a sales model suitable for the local special situation, and constantly innovate to achieve higher breakthroughs.

The united and powerful team is the invisible human resources in the operation. The store sales staff, the design and installation staff, and the after-sales service team are the three main blocks of the franchise team. The strength of these three aspects is integrated, so that the employees with different divisions are Collaborate on the overall goal.

Technical Support

Before opening the store

The company provides special consultation and guidance to the newly opened franchise stores in terms of site selection, formalities, store design and decoration, and daily operations.

When opening

Special training, opening activities planning and promotion

Special training for customers, such as systematic, comprehensive product knowledge, sales skills, main selling points and opening promotions before opening. Taking advantage of the opening opportunity, combined with regional competition to support the opening of the business, giving new customers the material, manpower, cost and advertising support, and using the opening promotion to enhance the visibility of outlets.

After opening

Fully assist in business operations

Provide a sound operating system and professional knowledge, visit regularly, discuss problems and assist in solving them. Send senior business staff to help negotiate engineering projects and provide a wide range of market information on a regular basis to understand market conditions and provide first-hand market information and forecasts.

Product technical support

The shower room R&D design team led by European famous teachers, the powerful shower room non-standard technical team, dozens of national patents, and the non-standard king of the shower room industry. Professional technical service team, humanized after-sales service, digital tracking system, real-time escort for the terminal. Automobile grade CSG original film, 304 stainless steel main material, bearing, imported titanium aluminum alloy aluminum, high transparent magnetic strip, passed ISO9001 certification and SGS certification and other international strictest quality standard control system. Flange King shower room products, technology, maintenance, maintenance and other technologies, all taught.


Efficient and safe logistics transportation system

The company's headquarters and domestic leading professional logistics companies signed a long-term strategic partnership, constantly improving the transportation cost, damage safety and transportation time of each shower room, so that the flange bath kings distributed throughout the country joined the dealership to fully enjoy To the safe and convenient efficient logistics system of the Frank King.


Headquarters provides 11 complete operating manuals

  • 1, "French Bath King Shower Room·Affiliate Store Introduction"

  • 2, "Flange King shower room · franchise store VIS visual identification manual"

  • 3, "Flange King shower room · franchise operation management system"

  • 4, "Flange King King shower room · franchise store technical standards guide"

  • 5, "Flange King shower room · franchise store new employee induction training manual"

  • 6, "Flange King King shower room, franchise stores, other operational management standards"

  • 7, "Flange King King shower room · franchise store various departments related form template"

  • 8, "French Bath King Shower Room and Franchise Store Rules and Regulations"

  • 9, "Flange King King shower room · franchise store preparation period franchisee, franchisee work guide"

  • 10, "Front Bath King Shower Room and Franchise Store Related Contract Agreement"

  • 11, "Front Bath King Shower Room and Franchise Store Joining Form"