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Want to be a shower room, should I join that brand?

The demand for shower room products is increasing at a high speed of 30%-35% per year.

The shower room has become a standard bathroom product for the renovation of domestic urban residents and the renovation of star-rated hotels. With the promotion of energy-saving society at all levels of government in China, the shower room products in the township and rural markets have begun to spread, and the shower room market in China will enter a stage of explosive growth.

Do you have the following worries when choosing to join the factory?

Does the manufacturer have a strong shower room with non-standard customized 

technical strength to meet different customer groups?

Whether the factory's shower room production and raw material selection are required by high standards

Whether the company brand is a famous brand in the shower room industry, is the 

customer evaluation high?

Whether the company's products are genuine quality shower products 

produced by Zhongshan

Is the company's brand visibility on the web high?

Is the company's support strong? 

Is the support for franchisees in place?

Is there a unified image positioning, whether the manual and other materials are 


The feedback from the original franchisees is good, how is the income?

How is the company's after-sales service done?

Does the company's products have sales points and high sales profits?



Shower room industry to join

—— FORLAN ⑦ Advantages ——

Free to joinFree designDecoration supportSample supportExclusive AgentFree trainingYear-end cash back



Inheriting European classics, from the Flange King shower room in Hong Kong

Recruitment of all blank regional market agents (dealers)

City (county)

One city (county) limit one

China Merchants Wealth Hotline:





The R&D design team led by European famous teachers, the powerful shower room non-standard technical team, dozens of national patents, and the non-standard selection of the drowning house industry

Manufacturing advantage

China shower room industry base Guangdong-Zhongshan, professional manufacturing plant and supply system, strict material selection and process production requirements



Automobile grade CSG original film, 304 stainless steel main material, bearing, imported titanium aluminum alloy aluminum, high transparent magnetic strip, through lS09001 certification and SGS certification and other international strict quality standard control system



5A store management system, tailoring the overall training of the industry champion image store, flexible and diverse agent sales method



Professional technical service team, humanized after-sales service, digital tracking system, escort the terminal in real time

After sale

With the excellent after-sales service system oriented to customer service, Flange King led the service standard of the shower room industry, and the first service standard in China to launch the "Shower glass is not broken"

Create a new era of shower room security

The first comprehensive explosion-proof shower room in the country



FORLAN Speak with strength, the industry leader is one step ahead



Adopt the original 

glass of CSG

More than 20 years

Shower room design and 

production experience


Standard safety angle for 

each piece of glass

Selected from South Korea

High quality PET 

explosion-proof membrane


More than 200 million 

per yearresearch and 

development costs


Broken glass, free for life


Has more than 3000million

German imported equipment and production line

150employees 80% of 

technicians who have been employed for more than 2 years



square meters of storage base

Customer Testimonials


For 3 years, the quality of FORLAN 

products is still so good!

I used to be another brand of shower 

room. Because of the price problem, the product will not be sold at all, so I 

will change the brand to do it. Later, I found the King of the Franks. After a certain understanding, I did it for a 

while with my own mentality. I didn’t expect sales to be much better than 

before, and some customers who bought 

and used them often introduced friends to my store. ...



FORLAN products are good brands, 

good quality and good service!

I have been engaged in engineering 

renovation for more than ten years. 

As a large decoration company, we 

have very high requirements for 

suppliers. We cannot allow customers or owners to complain to us all the 

time. Therefore, through inspection 

and cooperation for a period of time, we chose Zhongshan Flange King Shower Room as our priority partner. 

To be honest, their product first is a good brand...



The company is very professional to 

meet the needs of customers!

Last year we contracted the renovation of a large hotel. The shower room of 

the hotel was the choice of the Flange King shower room. The flange bath king designed the hotel's professional 

shower room, which blended with the 

hotel style and improved the hotel 

room after being installed. The grade of the bathroom space is very good 

after the guests use it. This makes 

the hotel use the shower for our 





We have been doing this shower room 

brand for more than five years. At the beginning we were very unprofessional, did not know much about the shower 

room, or the flange bath king shower 

room that was introduced by friends. 

Since we don't understand, the manager of the Flange King will help us to 

plan samples from the storefront 

shower room, to the staff training, 

and solve various difficult problems, let us become...



The shower room is a "gold mine" in the decorative building materials industry of this century.

1. From the situation in recent years, the overall home, shower room is gradually becoming a sunrise industry in the Chinese building materials industry, the market capacity can not be underestimated. For businesses looking for investment opportunities, it is definitely a bright spot worth investing.


2. The shower room is one of the three major components of the bathroom. The Chinese shower room market is growing at a rate of more than 30% per year. The huge market potential brings a broad market prospect to the practitioners.

3. Although the national macro-control has partially affected the real estate market, the sales of brand shower rooms have not received any impact. With the enhancement of consumer safety awareness and brand awareness, the brand shower room will be further supported by consumers. Choice, from the year 2009 to the shower room market staged a "crazy" overall increase of more than 30%, such a huge bathroom market business and market prospects, what are you waiting for?

4. The overall prospects of the shower room industry are very good, and the development momentum is rapid. The survey shows that at present, the number of shower room users in China has exceeded 20 million sets. At the same time, in the next five years, the total demand or intentional purchase of shower rooms in China will be about 35 million sets, that is, an average annual increase of 6 million sets.


Investment profit analysis

A Specialty store

B Specialty store

I. Estimated investment in the previous period (based on 80 square 

meters storefront)

  1, The store decoration is about 100,000 (factory decoration subsidy);

  2, Samples 2-3 million (factory subsidies);

  3, advertising costs 10,000 (for the brand's initial publicity after 

entering the market);

  4, store deposit 1-2 million (usually one month of pressure for one month);

  Total: The total investment is 150,000 (factory subsidy 100,000)


Second, the monthly average operating expenses

  1, store rent: 200 yuan / square meter X80 = 16000 yuan;

  2, staff salary: 3000 yuan / person X3 people = 9000:

  3, shopping mall management fee: 3 yuan / square meter X80 = 240 yuan;

  4, Transportation fee: 1000 yuan / month;

  5, Business tax: 400 yuan / month;

  Total: 26640 yuan


Third, operating income

  1, The monthly average sales amount is 270,000 yuan, the gross profit 

margin is 50%, and the monthly gross income is 135000-26640=10836 yuan;

  2, Annual net income: 108360X12=1300320 yuan;

  3, Annual return on investment: 1.3 million / 150,000 = 867%;


I. Estimated investment in the previous period (based on the 30 square 

meters monopoly area)

  1, The store decoration is about 100,000 (factory decoration subsidy);

  2, sample 15,000;

  3, advertising costs 6000 yuan (for the brand's initial publicity 

after entering the market);

  4, the store deposit of 4,000 yuan (usually one month of pressure 

for one month);

  Total: The total investment is 150,000 (factory subsidy 100,000)


Second, the monthly average operating expenses

  1, store rent: 200 yuan / square meter X30 = 6000 yuan;

  2, staff salary: 3000 yuan / person X2 people = 6000:

  3, Transportation fee: 1000 yuan / month;

  4, Business tax: 200 yuan / month;

  Total: 13,200 yuan


Third, operating income

  1, The monthly average sales amount is 90,000 yuan, the gross profit

margin is 50%, and the monthly gross income is 45000-13200=31,800 


  2, Annual net income: 31800X12=381600 yuan;

  3, Annual return on investment: 380,000/60,000 = 633%;


The above analysis is based on the actual investment and profitability of the flange and Wang shower room in more than 600 domestic sales stores. 

The actual situation in different regions may be different.

Join conditions


1. Have good business quality and business reputation, and are willing to cooperate for a long time.

2. Have a certain business background and business experience, familiar with the local building materials market, and understand the shower room industry.

3. Have a good distribution ability and product promotion and after-sales service platform.

4. There are areas where decoration and building materials are concentrated, or commercial areas that are more suitable 

for shower room sales, with independent facades or bunks.

5. Equipped with the corresponding sales staff, installers.

6. Dedicated to the shower room business, sales enthusiasm, dedication, dedication, and good customer awareness.

7. Understand and trust the Frank King, and reach a consensus on business philosophy and development ideas.

Joining process

01-Franchisee joining stage

1. Investigate the situation and development trend of 

local consumers

2. Determine the store's intention, location, area and 

investment scale, etc.

3. Information related to the headquarters or regional 

manager's right to appeal and the application form for 



02-Site selection stage

1. Under the guidance of the headquarters, 

finalize the site selection plan

2. Finalize the investment scale and joining method according to the store situation


03-Signing phase

  1.Review the franchise contract

  2.Clarify the cooperation methods,    rights and obligations of both 



04-Store decoration stage

1. Provide store floor structure plan and size

2. Renovation according to the unified specifications and 

design plans of the headquarters

3. Purchasing samples of qualified shops under the guidance of the headquarters and arranging them as required

4. Simultaneously carry out other preparatory work - 

recruiting employees, applying for various permits, etc. 

05-Training phase

  1. Determine the training time and method, 

and send employees to participate in the 



06-Opening stage

  1. Opening ceremony

  2. Prepare the opening campaign 

promotion plan

  3. Implement promotional measures 

for opening activities

  4. Timely feedback on the initial 

operation of the opening


07-Follow-up phase

1. Regularly report back to the headquarters

2. Standardize operations, management and services

3. Implement various publicity and promotion measures at 


4. Regularly report to the company on the development of the local market and expansion plans


Gained Profit


Franchise store display

600 entity franchise stores nationwide - strength witness, you are worth joining