Name:AG152 hydraulic internal and external opening

Technical characteristics

1. Standard BMW car grade super toughened glass, no impurities, high transparency, safe and reliable.

2. The visual appearance of the handle shaft is novel, personalized, and trendy. The horizontal and vertical visual surface of the frame adopts the golden ratio ratio.

3. The product can open the door inside and outside, and can automatically buffer the door to save time and effort, safe and convenient.

4. With multiple patents on hydraulic shaft, the function can open and close the door manually within 15 degrees of the first section, and the second section can be closed with adjustable damping within 3 seconds to 6 seconds. The maximum limit for internal and external opening is 90 degrees. It adopts three-section advanced imported sealing ring. After being less durable, the hydraulic oil can be used normally at minus 80 degrees to minus 60 degrees. There is no damage in the 45KG iron plate door test tested 100,000 times at room temperature.

5. The product routine is highly in line with the national quintessence culture, Luban ruler's meaning of good fortune and prosperity.

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