Waterproof system

Protection / Water / System / System

Refers to a waterproof protection system that prevents water from flowing out of the shower room when the movable door is closed. It adopts imported in-line water-retaining rubber strips, concealed waterproof hinges, H-shaped stone bases and return-type door bottom waterproof structures, etc. , To create a shower space with a high degree of separation of dry and wet.

New waterproof technology

The bottom of the door adopts a new type of return-type water retaining strip to avoid the outflow of water droplets and truly separate dry and wet

Overlap squeeze waterproof

Extrusion type two-way waterproof structure overlapping extrusion waterproof design

In-line rubber strip

Silicone-free, glass glue-free waterproof structure for wall materials

Concealed hinge waterproof design


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