Quality Control

Quality Control

From raw materials to finished products, each shower room of Flange Bath King must follow the strict quality inspection standards of Flange Bath King.

① Tempered glass:

A. The allowable error of glass length and width is ±1.5mm, the allowable error of thickness is ±0.2mm, and the edge of the glass should be straight; curved glass is to prevent distortion, and the gap at the diagonal intersection must not be more than 2mm; the hole distance error is ±0.5mm , The aperture error is ±0.2mm;

B. The color of the same batch of glass is the same, and the surface must not have any spots or bubbles that affect the appearance;

C. Taking the visual acuity as 1.5cm as the benchmark, scratches, cracks, nicks and other phenomena that affect the appearance of the product cannot be clearly seen within 50cm from the naked eye;

D. Glass strength test, the strength of tempered glass should be more than 3 times that of ordinary glass;

E. Sampling of broken glass pieces, the number of particles in the area of 5cm*5cm is between 40-120;

②Aluminum profile:

A. Oxide film thickness-the film thickness of the bright profile should be between 3um-5um, and the film thickness of the dumb silver profile should be 6-9um;

B. Surface—no hazy feeling and coloring, it should be neat and smooth, cracks, peeling and other defects are not allowed, blisters are not allowed, white lines are not allowed, and the main decorative surface must not be scratched or scratched. Phenomenon;

C. Deformation-the decorative surface is not allowed to have deformation or depression greater than 0.3mm in depth; when the profile is placed horizontally, the gap cannot be ≥ 3mm;

D. Impact resistance-can pass the impact test according to GB/T1723;

E. Corrosion resistance-after the salt spray test (acidic 48 hours) on the anodized surface or sprayed surface of the aluminum profile, no obvious corrosion changes will occur;


A. The surface shall not have the phenomenon of blistering, peeling, discoloration and rust of the coating, and the outer surface shall not be allowed to have obvious scratches and exposed bottom;

B. Raw edges and slag particles are less than 0.2mm, based on the principle of not affecting functions, hurting people, and scraping hands;

C. The internal and external surfaces must not have any undesirable phenomena such as debris, dust, etc., except for the friction movable parts that need to be lubricated, and the other surfaces are not allowed to be stained with grease;

D. Accurate assembly, no wrong assembly, no loosening and dislocation, no cracking of parts;

E. The function of the accessories meets the product design requirements: the hinge is flexible to rotate, the opening angle is correct, the elasticity is good, the screw thread is smooth, there is no abnormal noise in the rotation, and the pulley rotation feels unobstructed...

F. There is no obvious change on the electroplated surface through the salt spray test (the ABS electroplated parts are in an acidic environment for 48 hours; the copper chrome plating and stainless steel materials are in an acidic environment for 48 hours).


④Magnetic strip, adhesive strip:

A. Obvious scratches and bumps are not allowed, and there must be no cracks;

B. Yellowing, abnormal whitening due to bumps are not allowed;

C. The angle matching is correct, and the trial installation effect is good;

D. The magnetic stripe has a proper adsorption force, which should be between 18-50 Newtons.

⑤Bottom basin:

A. The appearance should not have obvious deformation, scratches, wave surface, loss of luster, cracks, cracks, chipping, peeling, rust spots, delamination, etc.;

B. The thickness of the basin body and skirt shall reach 4mm±0.5mm, the drain outlet shall be 5mm±0.5mm, and the deviation of length, width and height shall be ±5mm;

C. The structure of the feet, skirts and basin body should be tight, without loosening or falling off; the feet must be parallel to the skirts, and the adjustment range should be above ±10mm;

D. The water accumulation area cannot be larger than 100mm diameter circle, and no more than 2 places on one surface, and the total water accumulation cannot exceed 250ml.


A. There must be no breaks, no obvious angle errors, corner chipping and warping are prohibited;

B. The decorative surface should be smooth and bright, without matt, and no delamination is allowed;

C. The size and composition of the structure chip are uniform, and it should not be too thin or too dense;

D. The packaging is reasonable and safe to ensure that bumps and cracks are not easy to occur.


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