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Fully ensure that the shower room uses a safety guarantee system that does not cause harm to the human body. Scientific analysis and precise research on the structural safety design. The integrated frame is adopted to ensure the safety and stability of glass, aluminum, pulleys and hardware. The use of high-standard materials not only Ensure the safety performance of the product, and strengthen the tightness of the product, so that the force structure of the product is more scientific and reasonable.



Bearing double wheel structure

Top bearing double-wheel structure design, extreme smoothness and quietness


Built-in external sliding structure technology

Built-in external sliding structure technology, beautiful and generous, and effectively reduce the wear of the pulley and prolong the service life



After the surface of the aluminum material is polished, it is oxidized, colored or sprayed. The treated aluminum material is more wear-resistant and has excellent anti-oxidation, non-corrosion and anti-fading properties.


USU304 stainless steel

Mirror effect, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, bearing capacity


Application of safety glass

CSG automotive-grade tempered glass has passed the national 3C certification and reached the European BS6206 standard


Film glass

The surface is smooth and does not leave stains, the glass is transparent, and there is no glass fogging phenomenon


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