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People in the crowd who cherish life

The more modern, the better the original life of life is worth cherishing. In the good years, having a corner of your own happiness is the heart of every person who cherishes life.

What Flange Sanitary Ware does is to continue to design professionally and innovatively for your life.

Provide a different shower space that is comfortable and enjoyable.


release bath hope , enjoy what you want.Release the bath and enjoy what you think

Zhongshan Flange Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a professional high-end shower room manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. The company has established a research and development technology center and production base in Zhongshan, Guangdong. It has a production workshop of more than 20,000 square meters, a domestic first-class intelligent shower room production line, and an annual output of more than 300,000 sets of medium and high-end shower rooms for export and domestic sales, distributed throughout the country More than 1,000 sales agents and products sell well all over the world.

Since its establishment, Flange Sanitary Ware has been committed to providing high-quality shower room system solutions for high-grade families. A professional design team composed of many top designers in Europe and Hong Kong has won the trust and favor of partners and consumers with its first-class design, excellent quality, and super cost-effective advantages.

Whether it is selected explosion-proof safety tempered glass, quality hardware, or finished product processing and assembly, all are manufactured under the control of strict international quality standard system. All products need to undergo impact test, water leakage test and sliding wear test, etc. Testing, its safety, self-cleaning, waterproof and fluency and other advantages, cast the flange bath king to become a leader in the industry.

Flange Sanitary Ware adheres to the brand positioning of "creating a high-level life bath for more users", provides distributors with both internal and external products, and provides users with a noble, fashionable, avant-garde and comfortable shower lifestyle that transcends ordinary life. , To fully realize the brand vision of "becoming a world-renowned shower room brand".


In the future, Flange Bath King will focus more on making every product, dedicated to providing domestic and foreign users with high-quality, noble, fashionable and practical bathroom space solutions, and build a home with a forward-looking vision and an international vision. The industry empowers the ecosystem, so that everyone can use a good shower room.

Corporate brand cultureBrand Culture

Brand Culture

Our mission

Co-build, share, and create a shower room empowerment value platform

Build an empowering ecosystem for the home furnishing industry with strength, and help the blueprint of a harmonious and win-win industry chain move toward reality. Create value for customers, meet customer needs, and strive to bring a high level of life experience to all users.


Our vision

Let everyone who cherish the life and bathing experience enjoy the high-quality shower room

What the Flange Bath King wants to achieve in the future is not to produce and operate a certain product, but to transform the products it manages into a brand of cultural communication, delivering a healthier, more noble, and stylish lifestyle. , To truly improve the quality of human homes, and thus embark on the path of a world-renowned shower room brand.

Development concept

Our development philosophy

Strive for perfection, lead the extraordinary system shower room home experience

To develop an intelligent and diversified model with an international vision,

With lean scale, service industry, education and research as the core, create stability and safety,

A shower room product that integrates aesthetics,

Leading the use experience of superb quality system shower room in an all-round way.

Enabling development and building a bright future of win-win cooperation

With brand-new concepts and innovative service models, we will join hands with global high-quality partners,

Jointly build up and downstream green ecological chain industrial clusters in the household bathroom industry,

Actively expand the cooperation space and work together to win a better future.

Service-oriented·Create a one-stop system shower room solution

Customer-centric, meet customer expectations faster and better than competitors, in order to create a competitive advantage,

Provide customers with magnetic one-stop system shower room solutions,

Output unique advantages for customers and bring higher comprehensive value to end users.


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