Shower room agent dry goods: tips for buying shower room

2021-11-25 14:38:52

In the hot summer, the ordinary cold water bath becomes such a kind of enjoyment. Many people do not eat these things and immediately after returning home, students begin to enter a bathroom and rinse off their sweat. But can you realize that when we should enjoy unlimited showers, if the company does not have a shower room, the water will splash around and make the entire bathroom wet.

The shower room is usually made of glass, hardware and waterproof strips. Together they lock the water firmly in a specific space. Except for the shower room, it is still very dry, so the bathroom is dry and wet, so the shower room must be installed.

Shower room purchase tips

Even the overall shower room that can be equipped with a Bluetooth audio information system does not have much professional technical knowledge. On the contrary, the quality of glass and hardware accessories is related to safety and durability. This is because we need to pay attention to the shower room agent.

1. Choose tempered glass with 3C certification

Inferior tempered glass sometimes breaks due to momentary high or low temperature, and it often brings bloody lessons. Therefore, when choosing a shower room, the first thing to consider is whether the tempered glass used in the shower room is a compulsory 3c certified trademark and brand name.


2. Hardware accessories

The shower room is the hardware that connects the glass to the wall. Whether the shower room is firm or the glass door switch is smooth depends on the craftsmanship and quality of the hardware accessories. The shower room has been eroded by water vapor for a long time, and hardware accessories are required to have a certain degree of corrosion resistance.

Aluminum or stainless steel companies in shower rooms often use glass that needs to support tens of kilograms in China or even hundreds of kilograms in the country. Observe the frame aluminum alloy building materials of the shower room, first by checking whether the surface work is smooth, whether there is chromatic aberration or trachoma. In addition, the thickness of the aluminum alloy structural material of the qualified shower room should be greater than 1.2mm, and the thickness of the aluminum material of the rail hanging glass must be greater than 1.5mm. Please pay attention to carefully study and observe before buying, you can even ask for samples of aluminum profiles continuously.

The factors that determine the durability and sealing of the shower room mainly depend on the hardware of the pulley. As far as its roller is concerned, first of all, it must be flexible and easy to use and move, and we must be lighter to keep opening and closing. Secondly, the pulley seat is made of 304 stainless steel as much as possible, and its material research has the function of pressure resistance and weight resistance. In order to ensure that the gap between the pulley and the aluminum alloy track system has a small impact, it can be better to ensure that the company works closely and does not easily fall off.



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