How to choose a practical and more reliable shower room

2021-11-25 09:39:16

Shower room wholesale teaches you how to choose a practical and more reliable shower room

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people pay attention to the interior decoration of the family, among which family decoration is the main field of home decoration. The interior decoration of the restaurant kitchen is generally smarter, the bathroom is the same, the bathroom is generally a bathroom, stainless steel shower room, bathroom mirror column basin. Toilets and bath mirror cabinets are relatively easy to choose, as long as the quality is good and the style you like. However, the choice of stainless steel shower room will have more locations to consider, not only considering the role of family members, but also considering safety and practicality.


The stainless steel shower room with basin is a good choice for families with children and the elderly. It takes into account that children like to make tea and the elderly like to sit in the bathtub, and the basin should have a certain relative height. The high-bath stainless steel shower basin is very suitable.

The aspect ratio of the stainless steel shower room basin determines how deep water can be installed, which can be selected according to the specific needs of the home. The stainless steel shower room of the Mara Sati shower room can not only store water for children to soak in the bath, but also sit in the corner to take a hot foot bath, and there is no need to worry about spray splashing and water overflowing. Since the stainless steel shower room basin contains 2 drains and a large water outlet at the bottom, you only need to cover the outer cover tightly if you want to store water. There is an overflow on the outer wall, and you only need to reach the water level line. Unnecessary water will be discharged from the overflow outlet to prevent the water from overflowing the stainless steel shower room and wet the entire bathroom.



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