What are the important functions of partition in shower room decoration

2021-11-25 09:43:33

What are the important functions of partition in shower room decoration

Speaking of the shower room, this is a very good sanitary ware space. I think that in a home that has installed a shower room decoration partition, you should deeply appreciate the benefits of coming to the shower room to your living and home, especially for flat-headed people like everyone, the total area of the bathroom in the home is not too big, and the shower The room decoration partition actually solves this problem. The wholesale shower room below will share with everyone why you need to install a shower room, because the shower room decoration partition has these 5 major functions:

1. Dry and wet partition

The shower room is installed in the toilet, and the shower area is separated from other toilet areas. It is possible to prevent tap water from splashing into other countries and regions through a reasonable and effective way. The dampness and coldness of the natural ecological environment affects the growth of germs, ensuring one's true dry and wet zone, which is more conducive to social life and the physical and mental development of the home.

2. Safety factor

The wet and dry partition function of the shower room can maintain the dryness of the toilet road surface and ensure the anti-skid property of the road surface. Moreover, horizontal bars and door handles are installed in the shower room, which can be further improved for homes with elderly and children. The safety factor of living and home.


3. Insulation in winter

The shower room gathers water vapor in a relatively airtight small space, which can slow down the evaporation of heat in the shower room in winter, and achieve a very good practical effect of heat insulation.

4. Decorative arts

The shape of the shower room is designed to be a simple and fashionable development trend, and it is also a very good decoration engineering design in the bathroom. For example, in recent years, the very fashionable arc fan-shaped shower rooms and loose diamond shower rooms in my country look better like a birthday cake cut by laser, and the visual culture shock influence is very good.

5. Save space

In contemporary living and home furnishings, the regulations for sanitary ware equipment are getting higher and higher. The bathroom with a small total area must include sanitary ware and toiletries. The shower room can consider everyone’s expectations for private space. If it is a corner, the established area of the shower room can be demarcated to create relative independence. Bathing space. Especially for small and medium-sized houses, the bathroom space is not too big, the bathtub cannot be installed or the bathtub seems too crowded, while the shower room can save a lot of space.



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